Global trade, differentiated market environments, accelerated communication and an increasingly mobile labor force have enabled organizations today to realize unprecedented growth. Whether incremental or transformational, ideas to action requires an integrated approach of strategy, passion, people and technologies.

This is where Latner and Associates comes in. We bring your dreams to fruition. Our years of experience in the change management allows us to tailor change management strategies into transformative approaches. We focus efforts to align strategy, passion, people and technologies in a four-step process to deliver on your organizational promise.

Aligning organizational transformation

Aligning transformation efforts with the organizational mission, vision, core values and product or service promise and positioning.

Idea implementation

High perforating organizations create project and organizational transformation delivering on their promise to see outcomes based on the vision of the organization and alignment with core values. This requires understanding the organizational culture and the four implementation considerations: time to success, performance integrity, organizational commitment and cost of implementation.

People commitment

We will assist in coaching leaders so changes cascade seamlessly through your organization. Changes require appropriate executive, operational and staff support. We provide leadership coaching to ensure multiple communication avenues deliver effective articulation of why and how changes will affect and benefit the organization. The pros at Latner and Associates will employ a wealth of communication skills to assist them in converting building understanding and stakeholder buy-in.

– Communicating the new directive. Not everyone involved in your organization will understand the need for change, and even fewer will be on the same page concerning the ways in which you need to get this accomplished. We believe that regular communication and advice are essential components of making your vision understood, even if we need to repeat this to the point of redundancy.

– Speaking to individuals. In the excitement of planning and anticipation, it is all too easy to forget the impact that upcoming changes will have on the people who work for you. In addition to understanding how upgrades will affect them, they need to know your expectations concerning their own behavior. Promotions, bonuses and special recognitions will assist them in embracing the changes to come.

Implementation Technologies. Change can be incremental and transformative. Communication and evaluation technologies allow leaders to use change to build excellence, motivation and operation success into the organizational culture.

At Latner and Associates, we pledge to use our years of hands-on experience and dedication to change to make the transformation of your organization a reality.

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