Moving from Strategy to Execution

Partnering with clients to formalize a scope of work that details the engagement, budget,
projected outcomes and respective roles and responsibilities

Strategy to Execution

Latner and Associates is committed to helping clients through all phases of strategy development and execution. We recognize the need for a sound and coherent strategy, while understanding that “the devil is in the details,” and that strategies without a thoughtful implementation plan often fail. We support clients to ensure that strong leadership and organizational capacity is in place to effectively execute strategy and achieve positive results.

Partnering to Build Capacity

Our approach is to actively partner with clients in a collaborative engagement that will build organizational “muscle” to sustain the work and improve performance over time.

Achieving Results

We approach this work with a passion for building high performance organizations and with a sense of urgency around achieving results. We are committed to partnering with clients to build the capacity to accelerate change, to address complex organizational challenges, and to maximize financial and social impact.

Documenting Learning and Feedback

We rely on data and reflective learning practices as tools for improving performance. We view our role as a supportive, yet “critical friend,” raising questions, offering thoughtful, candid feedback and engaging in difficult conversations when necessary to strengthen the capacity of our clients to meet their goals. We support our clients to build the organizational capacity to use data as key to informing strategy, decisions and continuous improvement.

Market, Competitive and Organizational Research

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